The CAP Image Processing Program is simple application which automatically watermarks digital imagery with geographically identifying details (target name, latitude/longitude, time on target, picture direction, etc).

The camera operator is responsible for collecting all of the required information and entering the information into a spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet and original images are delivered by the camera operator, anyone with a computer and the CAP Image Processing Program can watermark the images prior to delivering the imagery to the customer.

Processed images are watermarked with identifying information and look like this:

Download (v1.3)
The Java Runtime Environment is a required prior to using the CAP Image Processing Program. Most computers already have Java installed. If you don't hava Java you can download it from:


You'll also need:
Using the CAP Image Processor is simple:
  1. Download the software and template picture worksheet using the links above
  2. Place all of the source images into a folder on your computer
  3. Open the template picture worksheet and modify it:
    1. Replace the sample record with your own data
    2. Add additional records for each image which will be processed
    3. Save the worksheet in "Comma-delimited values (CSV)" format using "Save As" (note: in Office 2008 you must go to "Save As" -> "Other Formats" and then select "CSV")
    4. If prompted about "incompatible features", say yes
  4. Create a new folder to store the output of the program; this folder can be anywhere on your computer and can have any name
  5. Run the CAP Image Processor by double-clicking on CAPImageProcessor.exe (the file you downloaded above)
  6. In the "Spreadsheet" selection box, select the worksheet you created/saved above in step 3
  7. In the "Picture Directory" selection box, select the folder containing all of the source images
  8. In the "Output Directory" selection box, select the new (empty) folder you created above in step 4
  9. Click the "Process Images" button and wait a few minutes...
  10. You will be notified when the process is complete, and your "Output Directory" will contain the processed images
Notes on the fields in the picture worksheet:
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